Lyra 2 2x4 USB Audio Interface

Posted by Maceo Fuentes on

Prism Sound Lyra 2

The Prism Sound Lyra 2 is a high quality audio interface with ultra transparent AD/DA conversion. With a low footprint, and extensive firmware suite, this audio interface is perfect for both professional studio use and portable setups. The Lyra 2 features two class-A microphone preamps with soft-clip limiting, guaranteeing clean capturing of your performance. Lyra's software control panel provides intuitive and powerful access to audio settings and routing controls that can be changed on the fly for ultimate flexibility.

Lyra 2 Features

  • Two Channel Audio Interface with Prism Sound Converters
  • Soft-clip limiting and Class-A microphone preamps
  • S/PDIF / ADAT optical input
  • Word-Clock Sync IO
  • Multi-color display

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