Antelope Audio Isochrone  10MX - Atomic Master Clock

Antelope Audio Isochrone 10MX - Atomic Master Clock

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Perhaps no other product in the modern studio world has defined the high-end better than Antelope’s original 10M Atomic Clock. The Antelope Audio 10MX continues this legacy in fine fashion by offering even more on-board 10MHz outputs and also now can output standard word clock rates, as well, up to a remarkable 768KHz. 10MX also features a new smaller atomic oscillator, which allowed Antelope to reduce the size of the 10MX to only 1U rack space at a fraction of the weight of the original 10M. This newer oscillator and updated power supply offer even better sonic stability allowing for even better sound than ever before. 10MX also features a new software control panel for remote control of the 10MX clock rates and display brightness.



  • New smaller Rubidium atomic oscillator
  • Improved sonic stability over 10M
  • (10) 10MHz outputs on BNC connectors
  • (4) Standard WC outputs on BNC connectors
  • (2) each S/PDIF and AES outputs
  • On-board clock rates up to 768KHz
  • USB Control Panel
  • 1U rack space