Avid Pro Tools | S3 Control Surface

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The Avid Pro Tools | S3 Control Surface combines the tactile response of an analog console with the flexibility of your DAW. Perfect for recording, editing and mixing, Pro Tools | S3 features an intuitive interface and an ergonomic design. Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, and more, Pro Tools | S3 is the perfect control surface for the modern engineer.


Featuring 16 touch-sensitive, motorized faders, Pro Tools | S3 gives you total control over every aspect of your mix. Bring your mixes to life with transport, navigation and automation controls at your fingertips. Quickly tweak control pan pots, plug-ins and more with 32 touch-sensitive, push-button style rotary encoders. Create inserts, sends and group with the touch of a button. Save up to 12 custom user profiles for different tasks like mixing drums, editing vocals, recording dialog, designing sound effects and more.


With full support for any EUCON-enabled software, Pro Tools | S3 offers complete control over your favorite creative software. Using groundbreaking communication technology, Pro Tools | S3 follows your lead, offering control over different functions as you carry out different tasks—allowing you to work smarter and faster. Whether you’re trimming clips in the editor, writing automation, tweaking plug-ins or even switching between different programs, Pro Tools | S3 can speed up your workflow.


Designed as a compact, portable and affordable alternative to the award-winning Pro Tools | S6 control surface, Pro Tools | S3 packs a powerful punch into a surprisingly small package. Pro Tools | S3 has everything you need to record and monitor tracks, including a built-in 4-in / 6-out AVB Core Audio interface Pro Tools | S3 makes overdubbing a breeze with two high-quality XLR mic/line inputs and two TRS line inputs. Reference your mixes on multiple sets of speakers using four dedicated line outputs, or patch-in your favorite signal processors for some analog flavor when mixing. Pro Tools | S3 puts the power of making music back in your hands, but when paired with Pro Tools | Dock and the Pro Tools | Control app, the possibilities are limitless.

What’s included:
  • Pro Tools | S3 control surface
  • EuControl software activation (requires download)